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Water, or H2O, is a fascinating thing on this planet. Almost 71 % of this planet is water, and one can debate the remaining 29% solid (non-watery stuff) is mainly linked to water. Nearly all living beings need water for their survival, primarily for drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing, transportation, industrial purposes and many more. However, there is one unique characteristic of water that many of us might not have noticed (at least I didn’t for a long time)

Water can provide soothing benefits to your mind and even teach you a lesson or two.

Many studies are linked to drinking…

Once every while, we all are stumbled with a book that helps us introspect where we are going and forces us to re-think the forces that are driving our past, present, and future. One such book is “The War of Art” which takes a bit punitive stance towards productivity. Steven Pressfield, the author of the book is a renowned author and a scriptwriter in Hollywood who wrote the famous “The Legend of Bagger Vance” starring Matt Damon and Will Smith.

The heart of the book is an open and candid discussion on “The Resistance” that comes in the path of…

Warp speed or Warp drive, a concept that was introduced in Star Trek, in which the Enterprise ship gets into a warp drive, faster than light, that enables them to travel larger astronomical distances in seconds. While it might be a regular life for the fictional characters viz, Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Mr. Sulu, etc ; it definitely is a 3rd degree science fiction for us humans and a completely unimaginative reality for sure.

Now comes the second application of the same technology; the one shown in Justice League, X Men and even Shazam, which is the so called Hyperdrive technology

It was a sunny Saturday just after the rains in Gurgaon in the beautiful Nirvana Country in South City , not much of a traffic, and business is happening at its usual concord. An inquisitor and a deductionist are engulfed in a highly intellectual debate over a phenomenon that has disturbed most of the enquirers of human history — Time .

“ A secret tunnel, you are kidding me ! right? What is the locus of such a geometrical pattern , if I may ask?” — the inquisitor asks .

“ This is just a hypothesis currently and nothing else…

MVP is the catch of the era. Almost every new startup is aware of the concept and is practising it thematically (or lets just say intends to practise it). You can find this term used in books such as The Lean Startup by Eric Ries and 7 Day startup by Dan Norris. Now Eric Ries defined MVP as an integral element of Build — Measure — Vision loop to get at each stage quickly and capitalization maximum return on time invested which is these days actually the money in other words. MVP is basically an abbreviated form of Minimum Viable…

Now here is what I heard from Seth’s podcast (Startup School ) :

“Brilliant entrepreneurship is around figuring out that thing you can do in the marketplace that people are willing to cross the street to get. It’s so people understand, “This is the one and I need it.” And we’re going to keep coming back again, again, and again today to this idea of,
“What is it you’re going to have a monopoly on?”

In order for a startup to succeed and provide value to customers which is better than what they are getting, you need to have a…

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