How is your mind related to water?

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Water, or H2O, is a fascinating thing on this planet. Almost 71 % of this planet is water, and one can debate the remaining 29% solid (non-watery stuff) is mainly linked to water. Nearly all living beings need water for their survival, primarily for drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing, transportation, industrial purposes and many more. However, there is one unique characteristic of water that many of us might not have noticed (at least I didn’t for a long time)

Water can provide soothing benefits to your mind and even teach you a lesson or two.

Many studies are linked to drinking water and improving memory, brain health etc., that indirectly impacts your mind. But, recent studies have indicated that water can provide therapeutic benefits to your emotional well-being and mental health. European Union even chartered a project known as “Blue Health” to probe further into it.

Some studies have shown that the presence of a nearby water body calms you down. You might have experienced the same when you are near rivers, oceans and even a water pool. There is even an argument that the blue state (or water) is an antidote to the red state (or anxiety). The reasons behind this could be many. It could be ranging from a few hypotheses around the legacy of it all (after all, the legend says that we humans evolved from a fish) to even the deep biological connection from our birth roots. Whatever it may be, the data shows that there is merit in probing this topic further.

However, beyond all the healing and life-giving benefits of water, there are many things you can learn from the state of it. Therefore, if you ask my submission to it, I would like to point out how water is related to your mind through these particular observations.

This and many more. The topic is fascinating. However, whatever it may be, there is something to the entire mystery of the play of water on your mind, and it’s worth probing further.



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