Slowing the time or Hyperdrive? — Possible Science behind the same !

  • External time expanding and slowing down to a greater extent (Temporal resolution of perception — TROP)
  • Heightened mental alertness and increase in speed of thoughts
  • Altered sense of duration of a particular event/ Interval perception (IP)
  • Narrow focus on the event under consideration
  • Unusually sharp vision or hearing
  • Scalar-Timing Model
  • Treisman’s Model
  • Attention Gate Model
  • Internal Clock : This consists of a pacemaker, a switch and a storage (including Reference Memory). The pacemaker generates more or less regularly paced signals at a particular speed unless altered.
  • Attention Gate : This is a cognitive mechanism controlled by the attention time i.e. how much time we allocate to our attention for that task. Also it is directly related to how concentrated our attention is. The higher it is, the higher is the opening of attention gate and vice versa.
  • Switch : It is a boolean 0 or 1, on or off; type of switch which allows or blocks the signal received from Attention Gate. If the event has a temporal relevant meaning attached to it, switch opens up and allows it to go to the next stage that is Cognitive Counter.
  • Cognitive Counter : Cognitive Counter records the number of pulses entering through the Gate. It is set to zero during the start of time interval and when the switch opens up to send more signals, counter starts. When the relevant event is perceived as finished the counter is reset to 0 again.
  • Reference Memory and Short Term Memory : Humans are more flexible than animals as the latter only act basis reference memory but humans can even process decision basis short term memory i.e. the preceding events (prior or on-going). In the case of human beings, the actions can either be taken from reference memory or short term memory.
  • Cognitive Comparision : When the signal passes through reference memory, it goes into a cognitive comparision block where a judgment call is made for the decision. In absence of the same, the very signal goes into short term memory for an Extempore-style action.
  • Response Mechanism : In short, you gotta do what you gotta do!



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