The Prodigal Educationalist Returns !

Anand Arora
5 min readAug 15, 2018


It was a sunny Saturday just after the rains in Gurgaon in the beautiful Nirvana Country in South City , not much of a traffic, and business is happening at its usual concord. An inquisitor and a deductionist are engulfed in a highly intellectual debate over a phenomenon that has disturbed most of the enquirers of human history — Time .

“ A secret tunnel, you are kidding me ! right? What is the locus of such a geometrical pattern , if I may ask?” — the inquisitor asks .

“ This is just a hypothesis currently and nothing else! We all know for sure it will not be a function of x, y and z but more so of a (t) related to (x,y,z) , and that too will depend on the speed of body as compared to the speed of light. Well, this is what our ancestors have postulated! , I must say. As far as a puristic observation is concerned, I am not sure but once we lay a hypothesis, we must find enough data, apply the laws we know for sure, and deduce a relationship between the variables.” — the deductionist , though unsure is trying to reason.

Neither of the inquisitor and deductionist is convinced with the existing theories as well as knowledge on the subject and are eager to ask more , find more, but there is a limitations to how far they can go. The limitation being more of a mindset / experience , certainly not related to a communal pressure of some sorts and definitely not related to any economical lack of resources. The urge to break the pattern is intense and the energy captivated by the sheer excitement of a probable answer- simply Elevated !

Enters a Prodigal Educationlist ! Long beard , bald head and a tall figure with a robe , certainly not belonging to the patterns of modern clothing and a fabric that appears to be a rarity these days. The inquisitor asks , “ May I help you, Sir. You appear to be lost?” Educationalist replies , “ Speaking for yourself and us all eh !” with a sly laugh.

“ You are right, I am lost though I am unsure if you will be able to help me go back to the place I came from” , says he, the one who entered.

“Beg your pardon. As distracting as the outfit and the appearance appears to us, we are certainly not interested in any theatrical peformance, though that’s not due to the fact ,that we dont appreciate art-forms, but the discussion at hand is scientifically vivid and deceitful and untill you can help us find a solution, we humbly request you to kindly leave” — Deductionist retorts.

“Very well then ! You asked for my help , though a bit rude -the request could be for some, but then for a man like me, with an empty mental glass , all I heard was a discussion that is vivid ,deceitful and demands a solution. Allow me to introduce myself, they call me — The Educationalist , though I humbly beleive I am just an Inquirer and Seeker of pure knowledge. Now, I must apologize for the inquirer state I am in currently , and if thats not a burden, can I know the problem at hand? ”- asks the Educationalist.

“ Its the Time! We are having a discussion on the fourth coordinate of a relative position of an object and trying to understand how can we determine a generalistic equation for the locus of a moving body that includes time. Now such an equation exists in the literature but the hypothesis and the conclusions appear to be more of an experimentalist or theorist point of view. We are trying to find a simple logic in the argument.” — states the Inquisitor.

“Yes of course. Time. I have heard of the debate before. I beg the pardon for I have seen many aspects and viewpoints of it- purely scientific , purely religion, purely logical, even mathematical as well as even plain old declaratory. I come from a place and a time where pure reasoning and arguments are scrutinized as well as manipulated by the rulers in the power, and it is an utmost difficult -a task, to have a group, or find someone who is willing to logic or reason beyond the Declarations. And so , a Scientist and a Mathematician appeared and helped me to arrive at this coordinate , as they were explaining where I might be able to find Independent Thinkers. They certainly pointed me in a right direction , I can see that. ” — Educationalist gleams in excitement watching both of them.

“This is bizzare! You are trying to say that you have travelled in time? Like Time traveller? You can’t throw HG Wells at us just like that? State your business , sir? ” , asks the Inquisitor.

“ Wait a minute!” — the Deductionist replies, “ It might sound difficult but it is quite possible. Let us believe the hypothesis that it is possible. Let us assume that you are from Socratic era , as your attire suggest and you came to this coordinate. Then, how could your body travel? Any notion I try to believe, the best I am ready to believe is only a counsciousness travelling across time ,but definitely not any form of matter, for it be subjected to such sheer force of gravity that its original state wont exist. Thats my belief which am happy to discuss , debate and change”

Educationalist finds immense happiness looking at the Deductionist, “ Very well said. Again the thing that’s stuck to me was happy to discuss, debate and change- Such a luxury !!! Oh Jesus- I would die for that ! Well , wait haven’t I?,” laughs off and walks across them.

“ I am not here to disturb your train of thoughts , re-align your views towards me or even stay here for a long time. I am here to just experience the fresh air of freedom of thoughts , freedom of opinions and Intellectual prowess that human beings are capable of. Meeting you has been a great honour , even though brief our acquiantance was! I dont have any reasons for how I came here and frankly my Socratic mind, as you say , is not even capable of answering your questions about time.. All I wanted was to see my future children engaged in an intellectual journey that liberates them from the Declarative Views of their ancestors — for it is very important for humanity to Question !!, Question and Reason, and Debate and Analyze and again Question. Before I die, as I am supposed to in my era, this was my last wish .- To have a quick glance in the future and Oh yes Sir, it has been fulfilled. I bid you adieu and God Bless !,” says the Educationalist and disappears.

The deductionist and inquisitor gaze in an amazement at the quick one minute event that transpired in front of them and see each other with numerous questions in their minds. At such an occassion of bewilderment, excitement and adrenaline rush, — The Teacher enters !

“Welcome to YSchool, he says. You may take your seats for I am excited to discuss with you few queries related to Time today. I hope that’s not much of a disturbance to your mathematical minds? ” — And the rest of the story is continued on a White Board !